Ecological infusions and teas from Majorca.

Celebrate the moment with T’Estim, products that are cultivated and produced in Majorca.

M O M E N T 

Mallorca Pura
(Pure Majorca)

Celebrate the unique and intense purity of the Vall de la Nou. A single plant for each infusion that endows wellbeing.

Tea varieties in this range:

100% Lemon verbena

12 pyramid bags 1,5g, 18g total

Aromatic plant, cultivated for many years for its medicinal properties, with a mild and delicate flavour. Aids digestion, carminative, expectorant, sedative and relaxant.

100% Camomile

40 gram bags

One of the main medicinal plants. Endemic to the Balearic Islands. Plant gold of the Balearic islands because of its many properties. Used internally, aids digestion, expectorant, emmenagogue, and calming. Used externally, indicated for conjunctivitis and skin repair.

66% Pennyroyal mint

10% Peppermint

24% Mint

12 pyramid bags  1,5g, 18g in total

The unmistakable smell of mint at the beginning of summer in Majorcan countryside, its aroma repels mosquitoes. Used internally, it aids digestion, reduces flatulence, is choleretic and combats intestinal colic.

100% Thyme

12 pyramid bags 1,5g, 18g total

Aromatic plant, historically grown in the islands’ gardens and courtyards for its many uses as a culinary herb, for making liqueurs and medicinal uses.  Antibiotic, antiseptic, expectorant, mucolytic, aids digestion and calms coughs.

100% Rosemary

12 pyramid bags 1,5g, 18g total

Aromatic plant, common in the coastal regions of the island, with an unmistakable aroma and innumerable uses: food seasoning, liqueurs, cosmetics, aromatherapy and medicinal. Acts as a liver and stomach protector, anti-choleric, expectorant, revitaliser and energy stimulator.


Mallorca Silvestre
Wild Majorca

Deepest Majorca concentrated in the strength of the olive. The antioxidants of the plant with the longest tradition provide vitality and a unique flavour.

Tea varieties in this range:

100% Wild olive tree

12 pyramid bags 2g, 24g total

The olive tree growing in the wild has many properties. It reduces inflammation and effectively alleviates discomfort and pain associated with mild inflammatory reactions. It also acts as an antioxidant and enhances cardiovascular health.


Mallorca Natural
Natural Majorca

The wisdom of the herbalist has combined the best medicinal plants in one infusion. A single cup of the oldest tradition for your health.

Tea varieties in this range:

11% Camomile, 19% Fennel

20% Lemon verbena, 18% Mint

18% Rosemary, 15% Marigold

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24 g total


This blend is ideal for balancing the digestion, is anti-inflammatory and sedative, aids harmonious operation of the digestive system.

Properties: Sedative, aids digestion, anti-flatulence and intestinal inflammations, acts against stomach acidity and reflux, balances the nervous system, reduces anxiety, cholagogue and choleretic.

50% Peppermint

50% Mint

12 pyramid bags x 1.5 grams, 18 grams total

This combination of mints is ideal for improving and facilitating digestion and for protecting the intestinal flora.

Properties: Colagogue, choleretic, aids digestion, anti-flatulence, intestinal fermentation, expectorant and antibacterial.

15% Camomile, 15% Lemon verbena

31% Orange leaves, 38% Lemon balm

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24 g total

This blend is ideal for modern times when it is so hard to wind down and relax. It brings stillness and serenity to our daily lives. It especially helps in getting quality sleep, which is synonymous with regeneration and vitality.

Properties: Sedative, relaxing, rebalances the nervous system. Acts against anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, hyperactivity and stress.

36% Thyme, 21% Rosemary

14% Peppermint, 14% Plantain

14% Mullein

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24 g total

This combination improves respiration and oxygenation, which in itself brings vitality to the body. It is an immunostimulant and helps to eliminate toxins correctly.

Properties: Expectorant, bronchodilator, calms cough, reduces runny nose, colds, sinusitis, flu, antibiotic and antiseptic, antiviral.

40% Sage, 15% Lemon verbena, 30% Fennel

10% Melissa, 5% Marigold

12 pyramids x 2 grams, 24g total

A delicious blend perfect for us, which will help us to maintain the hormonal balance so necessary at all stages of our lives.

Properties: Helps to soothe the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (pain, inflammation, headache) and disorders associated with the menopause (hot flushes and excessive sweating).


Mallorca Serena
Serene Majorca

Exoticism and eastern wisdom concentrated in your cup: a selection of the most important ecological teas and with certifications of social responsibility.

Tea varieties in this range:

100% South Korea Green OP BIO

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24 g total

Korean green tea with intense flavour, aromatic plant to which antioxidant and relaxing properties have been attributed.

100% Assam BOP Second Flush Rembeng BIO

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24 g total

Originally from North-east India, with an energising effect and a strong taste that is reminiscent of malt.

100% Pu Erh BIO

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24 g total

Originally and exclusively from the Yunnan province in south China. A calming drink with positive effects on the digestive system.

100% China Pai Mu Tan BIO

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24 g total

Tea with a delicate and floral taste, originally from south China, to which antioxidant and relaxant properties are attributed.

Apple, mulberry leaves

Hibiscus, Orange peel

Strawberry, Elderberry

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24 g total

An infusion rich in antioxidants, with a natural softness.

100% Rooibos Natural

12 pyramid bags x 2 grams, 24g total

Tisane obtained from a South African shrub, with a naturally sweet and caramel flavour that provides a drink that’s rich in minerals.

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