Ecological infusions and teas
A socially responsible project from Majorca

T’Estim was conceived with the mission of raising awareness of the importance of valuing and caring for mental health, ending the stigma around mental illness and making ecological infusions grown and produced in Majorca.


“Converting the stigma of mental illness into an emphasis on mental health.”


“A stigma-free society where mental wellbeing is a basic and fundamental aim.”


“Love/esteem, commitment, transformation, joy, companionship, sustainability and quality.”

Estel de Llevant supports the T’Estim project because they believe that now is the best time to:

Value and care for our mental health. The properties of our ecological teas and infusions help you feel better.

Value and protect our environment through drinking infusions and teas produced in Majorca.

Value and support others Every sip of T’Estim helps to create jobs and improve the quality of life of people with mental disorders.

T’Estim is a project that creates jobs for people with mental disorders and is also linked to training programmes in gardening, agriculture and horticulture. Over twenty people with mental disabilities are working or receiving training in this project of producing ecological teas and infusions. This is how we fulfil our social responsibility and promote mental health in Majorca.

Each infusion, each tea, each exquisite sense-delighting blend of T’Estim is a work and life opportunity for people with mental disorders in Majorca.